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do you ever look at someone and think......they a lizard...

Hi ! I'm a cosplayer from Florida that mainly RP's Turkey from Hetalia. I do other characters though, so feel free to poke me abt it. I also draw here and there... I also like games... And friends.

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(~1400 to Present Day) Fiorenzo Rōmulus
Fiorenzo is a popular Italian name that comes from the derivative Florentius. Ultimately, it is simply a modernized version of his previous name.

Fio changed his name sometime during the Renaissance era, believing that these new times were like a sparked "rebirth" (as the name implies) so that he could break from his previous cast and create a newer version of himself. 
(~200 AD to ~1400) Florentius Rōmulus
Florentius is a latin name meaning "to prosper", "to grow", or "to flourish". It was a name chosen for him by his father, Lūcius Rōmulus Octavīus Mārius Augustus upon his foundation. 

Rōmulus is the Latin Italian surname to the family which Fiorenzo decided to keep throughout his life, needing to keep his one bit of inheritance to his father alive throughout the years to survive both physically and emotionally. Physically being the attraction it brought from just about any near-by power that was hungry to claim whatever was left of the grand Roman Empire, and emotionally being his attachment to his father and to his culture. 

Italy is a bright, beautiful country that's lively, energetic, and absolutely expressive with his artistic and emotional value. He's been an artist his entire life, relying more on the right hemisphere of his brain rather than the left. He looks for the beauty in nature, society, and relations, as well as fit himself to those standards to shine out more than the rest of the crowd. He has no problem making friends, in fact he's quite extroverted and excited to meet anyone including other nations and mortals. He loves to paint, cook, sing, and dance- all of which are exceptional talents of his as they are prime highlights of the italian culture he so represents. He's always been a happy child, to this day he's pleasant company and a caring friend. He doesn't mind helping you in a pinch or providing emotional assistance, just make sure that you'll be able to pay the price that comes with his attention.

Power to Fiorenzo is something he's both longed for and become addicted to throughout the years. He's pricey and with high standards, so impressing him is like getting a wall to talk or a pig to fly. Of course, there are rare occasions where he'll mock impression out of kindness, however you'll need to be over the top in order to so much as catch his attention. Ultimately the North was pampered with riches and attention world wide thanks to its previous residence of The Roman Empire, so because he was under such admiration that it came to soak into the very fabric of his personality and pretty much spoil his perspective more inwardly. One of the biggest examples of his prime expenses would be The Renaissance, one of the most flourishing times in his life where he was most wealthy and famed until its drastic end towards the eighteenth century. Some could call him a pompous gold-digger, considering that he's not afraid to use his attractive face and charm to crawl his way into the hierarchy of power, however Fio wouldn't be one to label himself as such considering it's low view in society. Even as he has the tendency to use others to pull himself higher in society, in reality he is also a hard worker and devoted to his image and strength as a country.

When he has a set goal in mind, Fio is absolutely determined to accomplish it. He doesn't normally procrastinate, he'd just rather get any and every work out of the way to that he has more free time to himself rather than drag on anything that he has to do. It's not like him to put a lot of work on himself, even if it's something that he enjoys doing, so really it's not too much that he's working on because he wouldn't really label himself as a 'workaholic' more just being responsible about his duties. Rushing through work to get it out of the way hasn't always done Fio justice, however it seems he hasn't yet learned from his mistakes so far. He's quick to complete government work, paintings, errands, and exercise. He enjoys leaving time in the day for him to relax, bathe, drink, and enjoy his luxuries as a country. He's also one to make time in his schedule to travel, however usually it's more around his own land because where else is better than Italy??

It can't really be said that Fiorenzo is self conscious about his appearance, more that he has a hidden fear to get to that point in life. He believes that he is beautiful, stunning, and with one of the most pleasant personalities, so much so that he will do anything and everything in order to maintain that status of life for more personal satisfaction rather than other people's perspective on that action. Because of this, he fluxuates to the most modern interest quite often and easily. He's dyed and bleached his hair in the past to make himself feel more European, as well as powdered his skin to appeal to the marble white beauty standard that came with those who were naturally that color. Nowadays, he's become a little more thin than is healthy as he as exercises more and eats less to maintain that figure. To his relief, he's naturally more pale than his father and family, so he's able to chisel and change his body as he pleases without much effort. Even as satisfying as it is to be able to make himself into his visualization of himself, like any artist would make themselves into their own painting, sometimes he does have periods of times where he does question what his true self would look like if he hadn't done so many modifications. 

  • Fiorenzo had no problem modernizing with technology, in fact he was a huge fan of how culture and society has changed throughout the years. He especially loves taking Selfies or sharing chat in Video messages or livestream. Technologically he is pretty well known for car designs and manufacturing, which is another favorite of his to talk about or admire. He keeps many Italian Car catalogs at home, even the proud owner of the latest Fiat 500L. 
  • He has always been one for the new, the modern, so during his Renaissance he definitely put on some weight considering it was a beauty standard of the time. He's always been a little taller and paler than the rest of his family with the excessive Germanic influx in his northern region, so it was easy to powder his skin and to dye his hair lighter than it naturally was. He was and still is pretty obsessive with keeping up with the latest beauty standard, so modernly this has caused issues. Naturally he lost more weight when he had to focus his attention elsewhere from the Renaissance, however modern day he's lost a little too much. With the powerful fashion industry in Italy promoting smaller hips, smaller waists, and smaller busts- Fiorenzo has found himself in a tragic mess of Anorexia. Of course, it is not the most terrible case- but he has become noticeably underweight and struggles to find the confidence in the foods he so passionately loved.
    [Renaissance Body Reference]

  • Being as social as he is, he is an active member in the artistic society in northern Italy. Instead of letting the day pass with a day job, he relies on finances from being a full time artist. He likes to be well known in the community, so he's not afraid to befriend mortals and even purchase artwork himself. He enjoys critiquing other work, and ...tries to be reasonable with critique to his own.
  • Venice, Italy, is the physical representation of Fiorenzo's heart. Venice was one of the most active provinces throughout italy, even as an independent state he found himself siding more with Venice than some other states. He's fallen in love with the city and currently living in a small art-studio apartment in the area. 
  • In Italy, over 50% of pet owners prefer dogs as pets over cats. Italian dog breeds are known worldwide for their elegance and style, so Fio has (modernly) decided to own himself a Pomeranian dog. He's had many other pets in the past during the length of life, however currently he has a pomeranian named Ale. He keeps Ale in his apartment, but he'll definitely take him out for walks and runs in the morning when he exercises.  
    [Ale Reference]

  • Fio's favored method of art would be from charcoal to oil paintings, he ranges more towards figure drawing (more women than men). Here are some examples of what his artwork would look like:

    [Artwork Belongs to Their Respective Artists]

Foundation ~200 AD - ~476 AD {2yrs to 5yrs}
Fio was first born sometime during 200 AD to 300 AD when Roman emperor Constantine recognized the northern area to be Italy during the crisis of the third century. Before, there was a singular province that encompassed all of Italy in ~40 AD, which then dissolved into smaller provinces, however Constantine stood to determine two halves of the peninsula: Italia Annonaria and Italian Suberbicaria. 
Under the Germanic Rule ~476 AD - ~700 AD{5yrs to 12yrs}
When the western Roman Empire fell in 476, the provinces were ruled underneath the Ostrogoths and Germanic tribes. Northern Italy was more affected by this influx of tribes because of its location in Europe, making it easier for more of the populus to reside in northern italy rather than in southern italy. You could say, thanks to this influx, ironically the western roman culture was further preserved in the north rather than in the south. For some years later the italian peninsula was encompassed by the Byzantine Empire (East Rome), however that interaction only seemed to last for some ~200 years. 
Kingdom Of Italy ~951 AD to 1454 {14yrs to 19yrs}
Italy was encompassed into The Holy Roman Empire sometime during ~951 when King Otto I of Germany invaded and crowned himself the Emperor of the Empire. Representing the church of Italy, he was able to have some influence in his decisions over how the kingdom ruled, however he still had very little power and left more of the efforts go to Holy Rome at the time. It wasn't until ~1454 that Italian states began to break off from the Kingdom and become independent, overall creating a rather large successful rebellion on Italy's part. Afterwards, the area was left to live in peace for many years until the Franks invaded- but states were able to fend off and continue their independence.
Renaissance ~1300 - ~1700 {19yrs to 27yrs}
With more influx of trade in the east, the Renaissance was born in Northern Italy. It spread thickly throughout northern italy, but oddly didn't reach more of the southern poorer areas- in fact, it's said that little of anywhere but the north even knew the renaissance existed until they were deep into wealth. The Renaissance was an artistic revolution, with more wealth and foreign goods the upper-class was encompassed in a heaven of luxury and flourish that almost seemed to last a lifetime. This was one of the happiest periods of time for Italy, this being one of his biggest achievements as well. 
Unification Of Italy 1815 - 1871 {27yrs}
After the fall of The Roman Empire, Italy was majorly split between many smaller independent states and regions. The Unification, however, was a political movement that ultimately brought all of the smaller states into a unified Kingdom of Italy state with Rome being the capital. Not all states joined until after the second world war, however overall this helped tie in Italy into a singular country rather than a collection of different states. It was not an easy movement and resulted in many of the states falling into battle, however in the end peace was able to be made and regulated just in time for the new century. 
World War I / II 1914-191 & 1939-45 {29yrs}
World War one left Italy in a heavy crisis of debt and homelessness, the entire country itself was left in embarrassment and shambles. He was struggling to lift himself up from poverty and climb back into that position of power that Italy once was in when in the previous war. Before, Italy was on the side of the Allies, so although winning he was still incredibly affected from the war and ultimately hurt from it. Angry at the Allies, He looked to join the Axis in order to gain that power that he didn't have before. He was desperate for it, so thanks to Mussolini he was utterly and entirely fascist. Fascism brought him to power, even if he was buried underneath Hitler's shadow it was enough to overpower the rest of the world. The end of World War II, however, was less than impressive. Allies began to invade Italy in the south, attacking most of Sicily and moving their way up through the country. North Italy, however, began to flee further north to escape the wrath of the Allies, but were given no choice but to return when the city of Rome was bombed. Mussolini fled to Germany, then returned to Rome by invitation of the King at the time, only to be arrested and have the whole Fascist movement shut down, along with Italy's surrender to the Allies. The rest of the war was spent receiving backlash from both Allies and German battles, leaving the country in an even worse state than they were to begin with.
Modern time 2000+ {30yrs}
 After World War II, Italy went through something that is often referred to as 'il miracolo economico' which was an outstanding boom of economic wealth and prosperity that helped the nation get back on its feet. This economic boom of prosperity happened throughout 1950's to the 1960's. In 1955 Italy was able to finally join the United Nations of Europe, only strengthening their power in the world and assuring that position. Currently, economy isn't really as balanced throughout all of italy, however the North is definitely prospering more than the south. There have been attempts to regulate this economy, however all in all it's a rather long process and in the meantime Italy is currently in a state of some sort of peace. 

When Turkey became the Ottoman empire, it was a surprise to Fio that he would have to start trade with someone new and foreign that wasn't the Byzantine Empire. In the beginning, really, Fio hadn't much a thought about the guy. Fio always thought he was always late to pay, he always ended up waiting decades for him to arrive with shipments, and besides the guy was big and loud and had pretty eyes... Soon enough, the two were able to fall into a fluid sync of support between one another. It wasn't as dominant before Fio was living in Venice, but once he was able to move away from The Holy Roman Empire he saw that the two of them were able to create an incredible push and pull of resources that ultimately worked. He was in love.

Venice, of course, wasn't the most agriculturally prosperous. This is why Ottoman was responsible for most of the food shipments made to venice at the time, including meats, spices, teas, and especially grains. Along with food, there was a culturally artistic influx that ultimately inspired the Renaissance to flourish. Italy, instead, sold to the Ottomans their ships. Shipmaking from Venice was known world-wide to be the best place to purchase well crafted ships. Without the inspiration and wealth made from the Ottomans, the Renaissance wouldn't have been possible.

Eventually, The Ottomans came to trust Italy so much that the area was made into one of their main trading posts alongside Istanbul. Italy would do all the trade work and Ottoman would make money off of Taxes, so Italy was left to prosper on all the work they did and pitch in for the Ottomans. This pact between the both of them was strong until the empire began to decline in the late 1700's. Wars were fought between their dispute between the ownership of Cyprus, and ultimately Italy could no longer support the weight of a fallen empire. He decided to distance himself away from Sadiq, falling into his own kind of depression and ending their relationship.

A piece of him longs for the relationship that they once had. He'd been so used to using his love as a manipulative device to grow but ultimately he had felt real love while with Sadiq. Shame holds him down, though, from returning to Sadiq and pushing their thin friendship into something more. He'd left him out of selfishness the first time, and even when Sadiq's life was on the line he left him out of selfishness even then as well.  

Having never known his dad happy, Fio feels an overwhelming need to correct this. He loves his dad, he respects him, he just wishes he knew how to meet that side of him he never saw. History books and all that documentaries have to tell him about his father were never quite enough to Fiorenzo. He knows there has to be something he can do to make him proud. To make him smile. 

Growing up, He admired his culture and lifestyle, wanting to grow up just to be as big and powerful as his dad. Of course, in the beginning it was pretty scary watching the power of the empire crush his dad as it did, but a small part of him always seemed to respect that in him for being so strong nonetheless. It inspired him to at least try. And try he did, holding on to whatever culture and history he could hold onto for his dad. He tried his hardest to keep the Latin language and culture alive, modernizing it. Eventually, though, once you've twisted something enough it’s become its own different thing. 

As a child, the death of his dad took a serious toll on Fio. At first he couldn't believe it, he refused to. He'd wait by the door at home for weeks waiting for his father to come home and tell everyone who said he was dead was absolutely wrong. Eventually months went by… Fio had no choice but to accept the truth. Nothing was the same, everything seemed different and the young boy had an incredibly hard time identifying himself during these years. You could say even modernly he has a hard time facing this reality. 

Through his dad, Fio prospered into the country he is today and personally feels that he’s got everything to thank him for. All he hopes is that, despite his mistakes, he can one day make his father really proud. He couldn't appreciate his dad more! 

Fiorenzo has always looked down on his brother, he's seen him as lowly and dirty and never really worth his time. The south was always more behind on modernization, as it revolves more around agriculture rather than the north that focused more on the arts and society. Being his brother, Fio couldn't really bring himself to hate Lovino, however he often finds himself extremely frustrated and borderline murderous against his brother and his attitude. While he mostly tolerates him, he doesn't think that he'll ever actually come to terms with his brother and let go of the awkward feeling that comes with sharing a single country.

Fio, and his need to always be under the spotlight, has always felt odd and unnatural with the pure fact that he was given no choice but to share a country with his brother. It's even a little awkward to meet with just about any other country that represents their own country as a whole versus himself that sticks out like a sore thumb. He'll do anything to fix this, even if it means breaking away from his brother. He's tried to help his government regulate the economy so that the south can finally match up with the north, but he's been hesitant because there's no real evidence that what he's doing might either make his brother stronger than him or kill either one of them entirely. It's an uncomfortable see-saw of power and representation and Fio refuses to allow himself to receive the bad end of the stick. 
[To Still Be Updated]

app ITALIANO che e buona pasta posta
when the moon hit ur eye like a gr8 pizza pie thats ammoreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Tagged by: :iconzorrafox: <- nerd

1. Are you single or taken?
Single [1-800-Call-me (; ]

2. Chocolate or flowers?
I actually love me some flowers !

3. Will you do anything special for Valentines Day?
sleep through it prolly

4. Do you like anyone?

5. Were you dating anyone last Valentines?
I dated someone like 3/4 days after valentine's day it sssucckeddd

6. Who do you want to spend Valentines with?
I would love to spend it with my gross gay friends 

7. Do you make a big deal about Valentines?
um why wouldn't I

8. Have you ever had a secret admirer?
probably? idk. [1-800-Call-me (; ]

9. Would you ever write someone a love letter?
hell yeah those r fun

10. Do you believe in Cupid?
y not im sure theres a chance that lil dude's out there

11. Do your parents give you presents on Valentines?

12. Do you still send out Valentine cards?
yea duh they're cute

13. Do you like candy hearts?
noooo >^> ew

14. What is something you got last Valentines?
last valentines I got like thrown on the floor and beaten up by my Larp friends because thats just what we do on holidays/birthdays 

15. Is Valentines depressing?
I could see why some people find it sad but idk I think its a fun day to express ur lurv

16. How is your love life?
well, I broke up with my bf a couple months ago,, but I've been coping fine lmao. So I guess I dont?? have?? a lovelife?? yet??

17. Have you ever been dumped on Valentines?
No, but I remember giving this chick her first kiss on Valentines (;

18. How many roses would you want?
like 5 would make me cry

19. Will you have a girlfriend/boyfriend this Valentines day?
probably not but hey that aint gonna stop me

20. Do you look forward to Valentines day?
it's not my highest priority but it seems funn

21. Who was your last Valentine from?
this girl i was crushing on at the time but she wasn't v enthused

22. Who do you expect to get a Valentine from this year?
uhhh if I even get one at all I'll cry ?

23. Who would you most like to receive a Valentine from?
.u. fidgets

24. How many Valentines will you be sending this year?
like at least one to all my dopey friends

25. Have you ever not received a Valentine?
omg yeah tons of times

26. What was the most Valentines you received in a single year?
in middle school once this random boy got me like 4 huge ass teddy bears and like a ring and tons of boxes of candy??  

27. Have you ever received an anonymous Valentine?

28. Have you ever sent an anonymous Valentine?

29. Will you be sending an anonymous Valentine this year?
uhhh nah i don't really care to hide, i dont mind showin my charm off (; 

30. What was the best Valentine gift you ever received?
probably a kiss from my crush at the time bc i started crying bc i always cry but like usually if i have a crush on u and u do somehting unexpected it'll literally make my life 

31. What was the worst?
refer to #26 lmaoooo

32. Have you ever started dating someone on Valentines day
nahhh that's cheesy

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Gross Gross by Senjeckai
Gross Gross
very gross I drew this with my trackpad and traced over this pic:…
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