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do you ever look at someone and think......they a lizard...

Hi ! I'm a cosplayer from Florida that Role Plays Turkey and Japan from Hetalia. I also draw here and there. I also like games. And friends.



Human Name:  Mundzuk | Representation:  Hunnic tribes (The Huns)
"Mundzuk" is the name of a Hunnic prince who was the father of Attila the Hun. Being a royal name, I feel it was appropriate for my character. 

Apparent Age: 40 to 42
Because he has no real recollection of when he was born, it is impossible to give an exact number of years that he's been on the earth. You can always try asking, of course, but it's likely he'll give you a random number and change it every time you ask. [You may assume its about 2'000 if you include the years after his death.]


To the point and demanding like an arrow, Hun doesn't like to weave around situations and avoid subjects. At times he can be a little blunt with his attitude, but it's only because he see's the world as a target you've just got to be straight forward with. Hunnic armies were extremely strict, so there's no doubt that he's going to be any different in that sense. He's not afraid to slap you down if he finds you misbehaving or messing with anything that he finds sacred. His expression is usually stern, there are lines in his face to prove that it's always been that way. His anger comes quietly, cleverly. He knows not to make a spectacle of a scene, instead being smart about a situation and making sure that the person who did what to make him angry really pays for what they did. He can be especially manipulative in his ways of winning fights or arguments. One of his better tactics during battle was to trick the opponent into thinking they were winning, actually faking retreat so that they could defeat enemies off guard. His war tactics were tricky to understand and he's one to definitely take advantage of any sore spot you leave open to him. It wasn't very hard for Hunnic tribes to manipulate countries into believing they were protecting them, when really he was just a shark above a coral reef. They were never really safe and he could flick the switch and attack those subjects of his as easy as it sounds. 
On the topic of fights, it's not very difficult to anger this poor sod. He's incredibly protective of his belongings and doesn't really intend to keep much of it behind to fall into strangers hands. If he makes a deal with you, you keep it because he'll keep it until you do.He doesn't really notice how aggressive he can be sometimes, especially if he's angered or not in the best of moods. He directs his anger out to the things other people love best instead of his own belongings. He’s even broken many bows before as he usually likes to take out any anger of his on material objects. He's helped burn down cities, he could honestly care less if he breaks your favorite vase because he missed throwing it at your head.He wouldn't even miss throwing it at your head, he would intend to hit the wall besides your head so you get the point that he's fucking mad. Ever since his death he's calmed down, though, but not very much. It's only now that he's not one to start or engage fights, but he's not going to back down from any. 
Hunnic tribes only ever lost one war out of the many battles they fought. During the hight of their times they had the world in their hands- no one wanted to mess with them, and yet the Huns couldn't help themselves but still cause havoc. On the subject of his first and final fall, he didn't take it very well. He became incredibly distressed and disorganized. The loss of one of his best generals definitely impacted him emotionally, the separation of his empire dragging walls between his emotions and conscious. Watching his glory slip away from him seemed to take much of his inner piece and courage from when he was alive and kicking. However, As a person, he secretly loves to sit and gloat about his past victories to those who were willing to listen. It's just that one war in particular that sets his nerves on edge. Typically he saw no point in writing down any of it because he preferred to tell it through mouth. Low key he's passionate about his culture and the nature of the environment around him. Through the years he spent watching the world evolve he began to felt stripped of the touch to the earth that he had before. Buildings and technology seem to suck out what he truly believes is life and usually has a hard time understanding how modern day nations/countries handle being so unmoving and out of touch.
Mundzuk has a very close relationship with his horse. It's the one horse he rode into death and it's the one horse he's decided to keep for the rest of his afterlife. Sarnai and he have a spiritual bond that honestly can match no other; however, of course, he doesn't believe he's married the horse in any way. But if you'd ask him what he truly thought she was he'd likely agree that she was an extension of his soul to this physical world. She is all the love he could muster in his cold heart. Others he can find strands of decency for would be fellow Nomadic tribes that he grew up with, two very particular being Turkic and Mongolian tribes. When Mongolia set out to attack china, Hun looked out for him and even spared a couple soldiers to help them out. He sticks out for his brother tribes as they migrated together. Perhaps even, in the shadows, he watched the both of them grow and fall respectively throughout the years, unable to pierce his hands through the fabric that separated his death from their life. 

He has a sharp, tan face. From years out in the sun, his skin is rough and tan over his face. His cheeks show hints of brown and crimson freckles, but you can only really see them if you're looking up close. His cheekbones are sharp, easily showing on his more square-shaped skull. Along the course of his jaw is unkept shadow, but he leaves a thin mustache and hair beneath his lip on top of his chin. Once or twice he's grown it traditionally long, but that was during his life. Now he keeps it long, but trimmed so it doesn't hang off of his face. Just under his eye on the left is a long scar that reaches down to his jaw, thick with the heaviness that it took on his face. His eyes are thin like his eyebrows pointing upwards in a slight angle, while his eyes themself are a warm brown. His nose is wide and flattish, swooping upwards like a button yet oddly sharp with its angles as it sits on his face. Pink and thin, his lips has the bottom bigger than the top but they are nonetheless pretty small. His black hair is thin but oily, usually a messy mop all over his head that reached just below his shoulders. Every month he washes it and combs it out, but despite his efforts it always seem to get messier the next day.
Upper Body
With many years of experience in bow and arrow, he's worked up his arm strength incredibly. His shoulders are large and lead up to thick arms, pretty wide themselves when compared to his hips. On his right shoulder the skin across it and down his back is discolored and shining into a scar. It's a widespread scar that takes up most of his back, inching down to just about half way down. Along his right arm are three scars, one that wraps about his bicep, one that wraps around his elbow and bend, and one that wraps around his forearm. His physique is a lean kind of muscular, mostly all leading to his shoulders but he still has enough abdominal muscle to not be considered 'thin'. His chest is covered in thin hairs, making it obvious that shaving isn't a common occurrence with him, but also showing that he naturally doesn't grow as thick hair as the next guy. Down his arms are square, thick hands, his palms rough with callouses like the rest of his rough body. 
Lower Body
His legs are long and slightly bowed, covered in a thin layer of hair that is similar to the amount that he had on his upper body. Being so used to riding a horse, they don't have too much muscle in them but it is enough to make it so that he's obviously crippled. His hips are thick, not wide, but grown from balance on the horse. It's rather easy to make out the bone from the muscle on his legs if you were to pass your hand over them, especially over his knee if anything. His feet aren't very large but they reach a size 10 in mens, him being just glad enough that they've been able to walk him through so many cold nights. His feet are just as rough as his hands and can be pretty cold sometimes, needing a rub whenever he's walked too far without Sarnai by his side. 

Extra Info/Quick Stats
Height: 5'9
Weight: 168lbs

Sarnai: Female; Mongolian Horse; Light brown coat with a darker brown mane and tail. Her head to ground height is 6ft and her body reaches 4'7 feet. Her hooves are a darker brown/black, without shoes. Her saddle is brown leather strap with sheep's fur beneath it, he usually keeps it on her during the day but during the night he takes it off so she could be more comfortable. Her main is long but he combs it often, even setting to braiding it time to time to pass the time. 


- A common tradition within Hunnic tribes in a time of 'coming to age', young boys would have their cheek cut open so that they would learn to endure pain. This being so, Hun has a long scar on his right cheek that goes from below the middle of his eye down just above his jawline. 

-With the divide of his Empire after Attila died, three thick scars appeared on his left arm to represent the three halves. One going over his bicep, one going over the bend and elbow, and the third over his forearm. Each one represents a different division of his empire shared equally between Attila's sons. 

- Over the coarse of his shoulder he has a fairly large scar that Germania gave him from an awful lot of flesh being ripped off of his back. After the occurrence, he found it incredibly difficult to use bow and arrow. Without the muscle, he could barely even use his arm at all. but he was determined. Even if it brutally affected his war tactics, he kept practicing and it wasn't until he died that he could properly use a bow and arrow again. He still struggles if he hasn't prepared his muscles beforehand, but he refuses to give up.  

- Horses were a common companion for Hunnic tribesmen. Everyone had their own horse and they just about used it for everything (hunting, eating, sleeping, etc.). Because of this, it's often that you'll see Mundzuk on his horse instead of actually walking around. He might even fight to get his horse indoors. 

-Sarnai is the name of the horse that died and lived on with him through death. Sarnai is a mongolian name for "Rose", and since Mongolian tribes, turkic tribes, and Hunnic tribes were close, the languages were similar and often names were shared between tribes. 

-However, there are times where he does walk, those times being difficult on his legs so he has to sit after after a while. (He especially gets angry if you don't wait for him to rest his old legs.)

-Being a skilled archer on horseback, most of his muscle built is in his shoulders and arms. Not so much that it's an extreme difference between his legs and his arms, but if you looked close enough you could trace out the triangle. 

-Before the Hun moved westwards to Europe, he associated with many tribes including the Turkic and Mongolian tribes. He looks down at other tribes like younger brothers, watching them grow up in the shadows. 

-Hunnic tribes wrote nor made anything. Any trace of their history was never even documented because the Huns found no reason in focusing on writing when they would rather be terrorising. because of this, Hun is illiterate and does not care to learn how to read or write any time soon. Most of his history he knows by heart and can easily recite it to you vocally, but to write it down would be too much of a hassle.  


Unfortunately, the origin of Hunnic tribes is completely unknown. If anything, the only kind of documented Hun history comes from foreign scriptures (Mostly European demonization). Huns had no means of writing down history and didn't necessarily seem keen on leaving their mark either. Even as their short lived empire they made no permanent footmark on the lands they stayed on. The only thing they were interested in building was their wealth off of other fearful empires or kingdoms.  

It’s predicted that signs of these nomadic tribes started as far back as late BC, but they made their first appearance in 91AD when historian Tacitus wrote about their lifestyle by the Caspian Sea. This was an area called Scythia at the time, just by the Volga River. 

It wasn't until 370 that the Huns migrated out of Asia and into Europe. It was 395AD that the Huns, for the first time, attacked the Eastern Roman Empire. They invaded Thrace, Armenia, Cappadocia, parts of Syria, Euphrates, and threatened Antioch. Here, their first settlement was in Hungary, (398AD) where they stayed after pushing out and taking most control of Germanic and Ostrogoth tribes. Most people they captured were made into foot soldiers, but that was only if they survived. (being skilled at capturing cattle by lasso, they applied these methods to other humans as well.)

Huns were known throughout Europe to be bloodthirsty warriors without a thought even for their own safety. They relied heavily on horses and archery, most men even were taught how to ride a horse before they could walk. They hardly had any uses for swords since soldiers could shoot arrows off of a horse from 300 to 350ft away, however longswords and whips were also common weapons. As biased as their history may seem being written down by their enemies, there was no doubt that these tribes knew what they were doing when it came to never losing a battle. 

After they overthrew the Visigoths, for almost a century the Huns ruled over most Germanic tribes in central Europe as they somewhat began fighting for Romans as allies. It was honestly unclear in general since it was just slapping some soldiers around, but nonetheless he was generous enough. It was in 432 that the Huns began to organize themselves into a rule by a single king named Rugila.

One story claims Huns raided into Constantinople, trashing the promised lands until the Byzantine was on their knees. (435 AD) The Huns, however, did not take control of the lands and instead asked for the Treaty of Margus which gave Huns both trading rights and an annual tribute like they asked for with most lands they successfully beat. Eastern Rome compiled for many years until a Byzantine official bribed one of Attila's soldiers into killing him in 441 AD for a life of wealth and prosperity from Constantinople. The soldier agreed to the deal and reported it back to Attila, who then battered the city into almost-ruins with major killings and fires set throughout the towns. 

Back in 434, Rugila died and made way for the throne to be passed down to his two nephews, Attila and Blenda. 
Attila, however, murdered his brother in 445 and took control of the empire. He was a ruthless warrior and made barbaric decisions to expand throughout Europe. Without reason in 447 attacked the Eastern Roman Empire once again and practically demolished the Balkans while forcefully driving Greeks far down into Thermopylae.

In 451 Attila attempted to invade Gaul, but the Visigoths prepared a plan that none of the Huns could have expected. While they trudged forward into Western Roman territory expecting a war with strictly Romans, Germanic and Visigoth soldiers betrayed Hunnic soldiers and fought back with all that they had. While the Huns put up a good fight (death count being a heavy 20'000 to 30'000 heads) This was their first and final defeat.

"At this point the battle was over. Some on the Roman side wanted Aetius [Roman General who organized the deception on the Huns] to resume the fighting the next day, but he chose not to. Perhaps he wanted to leave Attila with his forces, though battered, still intact in order to keep the Barbarians of Gaul united behind Rome."- Gaul and the Battle of Chalons

It wasn't until 453 that a depressed Attila died of alcohol poisoning. Considering he had three sons, the Hunnic Empire was divided up between them and all regions began brawling it out between each other. In that same year Hunnic tribes invaded Northern Italy, moving as down as Ravenna until he couldn't travel any longer. Being disorganized, their conquered began squirming beneath their fingers and began Revolting against the broken Hunnic empire. 

Eventually Hunnic power crumbled through their fingers and these tribes no longer played efficient roles throughout History. Their culture and status disintegrated until eventually all of it was lost in the wind.


Rome: Rome has always been an honorable empire in Huns eyes, something that he wanted to be and surpass more than the man himself could ever do. He tried to get close to Marius, offering him soldiers to assist with wars whenever the time came. But it wasn't honestly enough, especially as Hun started his rule as a slowly growing Empire. considering his admiration reached its limit, he finally broke and decided to try and take the handles of Rome himself. He envied the man, knowing he was just as great and could do even better he invaded Gaul and met his match there. It was a false assumption to perceive that the western Roman empire was just as dull and disorganized as the eastern empire was. Through death though, he altogether avoids both Rome and Hart as he watches down on his brother tribes. Perhaps he might regrow that fondness he had for Rome and try to build things up from his mistakes now that the both of them were equally as dead, but it's a long shot that Hun himself needs to work on. 

Ancient Greece & Byzantine: Byzantine was a large target for Hunnic tribes, Hun himself liked making himself out to bully the Byzantine as often and as cruel as he could. He had most of the empire on heavy tributes to his tribes, but usually one of the main things he would do would be to drive towns out of their cities. Huns personal opinion on Byzantine is that he is foolish and nothing like the western empire. He enjoys it all too much to punch the man into the ground. Whenever he laid his eyes on Ancient Greece though, something inside of him pitied her but it wasn't enough to stop him from driving her out of her lands for absolutely no reason. In his stays he found the culture to be interesting actually, admiring whatever could be seen. But he could not read nor understand the language and grew bored easily, looking elsewhere in Europe for entertainment. He does not hate her nor does he have an opinion on her, however to be under the rule by someone as big as an idiot as Byzantine it must be quite harsh. 

Turkey:  Young Sadiq was only a toddler during the lifespan of the Hunnic tribes. He mostly lived with Mongolia, so it wasn't often that he saw Hun. But whenever he did, it was like seeing an uncle he hadn't seen in forever. Hun had great love for the ecstatic boy and was the one to teach him how to ride and shoot. There weren't many occurrences that they saw each other in Huns life, although in his death he made out to watch his empire rise and fall in the shadows. It wasn't always, but it was enough to recognize him now in modern days and make himself known present day. If Hun had to give him his honest opinion on the kid, He's respond that he's seen brighter ones, but he still loves that idiot. It's a quiet, rough love, but it's still there and more alive than Hun will ever be.

Mongolia: Being a brother tribe, he had great respect for Mongolia. He'd visit him often and help out with any attacks that the boy set out on during his life. Mongolia was quite young himself, but Hun accepted his responsibility in teaching the boy as well as Sadiq to both ride and shoot. Between sadiq's empire and Mongolia's, be traveled to watch the both of them rise and fall and keep themselves afloat during these long times. He hopes to find the time to catch up with him again, finding him respectable and good company. Between Mongolia and Turkey, he has a sort of protective instinct that isn't outrageously strong but isn't dull as well.   

Hungary: At the height of his times, this is the one place he came back to as a settlement. Unfortunately for Eliza, he simply butt in and could honestly care less about the young Fabian who controlled the land before him. Looking back, he might faintly remember the young boy wanting to take part with his training, but honestly he can hardly remember much at all. Surely he'd appreciate what a nice woman the boy turned out to be, always one to appreciate fine culture and strong women, but as a child he barely even acknowledged Fabian. Surely he might have took him under his wing, teaching Fabian to ride a horse properly and shoot an arrow, but that's about it for relations. He looked at the young boy like he did every other small hunnic warrior, with great pride and knowledge that they all had just as great potential. 

Germania: When Hun first came to europe, some of the first tribes that he took over in central Europe were Germanic. Germanic people were used as either human shields or footsoldiers as he rampaged throughout the rest of Europe. Firstly, he thought Germania to be an acquaintance. Him not being well informed on the whole 'friend making' process, Hun thought it was completely normal to consider this guy a friend by making him addition to the famed Hunnic army. If anything, to all the rest of his invaded cities he made them pay tribute to his growing empire and pretty much forgot about them except for the money they paid. All this making Germania's betrayal all the more difficult to bare. In the battle of Gaul, Germanic tribes secretly joined forces with Romans and turned completely on Hunnic warriors. It was an unexpected loss and Hun kept trying his best to win it despite the obvious truth. With a rather large scar to remember the occasion, he never forgot the war that killed him. He once treated Germania with a friendly gaze but now he can hardly find the strength to look at him. All it brings is depressing memories and a sharp pain to the missing muscles along the right side of his back. 

N. Italy: Having dragged himself into Italy, he managed to take over some small towns North of the country, but they didn't last long with his dying empire. It having been so long ago, He might not even recognize the country Italy has become now. Perhaps after some conversation he might recognize the boy, but his only relations that he could remember were his curious proddings and questions. Hun, himself, was quite curious about the fact that he had so much to say, but he listened and answered questions in a gruff voice. At first it was annoying, but he grew to learn and accept that this small boy was going to be the only peace he had before death. He even grew to like him somewhat. 

blood tears by Senjeckai
blood tears
V smol kiki needs some help seeing the animals @ the zoo but no worries bc Al is like super strong and helps the bab out

<how the hell do you proportion>
Gallop by Senjeckai
In like 300ad when Huns came to Europe, there was rumor around that they were man/horse creatures raiding the east. Hunic people are taught how to ride horses before they could even walk. They practically ate, slept, commerced on their horses besides fighting in them too. Eventually over time the concept turned into what we know now as Centaurs.

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